Timber Creek Construction's
"12 Days of Christmas" 

Just like last year we hid a Christmas photo on our website, and posted clues on Facebook. Each photo had a "code word" the participants would email to us to prove they had located the hidden photo. This year we posted a new photo every other day, starting on December 1 and running to Christmas Eve. Our theme was "12 Days of Christmas" so all of the items we hid were items from that song. This year we also gave out 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes. We gave away our custom vintage light fixtures as prizes. Our winners were:

                     1st place - Lesa Butler   2nd place - Cynthia Walton   3rd place - Janette Gray. 

 "12 Days of Christmas" 
Photos and Clues

The Great 2011 TV Giveaway!

In December of 2011 we held our 1st contest! "The Great TV Giveaway!" Each day we selected a different "Christmas Item" and added it to a photo on our website. Then we would publish a poetic clue on our Facebook page, showing the item and giving everyone an idea where to look. Each person who found the mystery photo was entered into a drawing for a 32 inch TV set. The contest was a lot of fun, everyone seemed to really enjoy the game and many have let us know they really miss getting up each morning and searching our site. On December 23rd we had our drawing, and would you believe that Santa himself took time to draw the winner for us? We had several hundred entries, and Karen Hogan of Salem, Mo was our lucky winner! Since everyone enjoyed the contest so much, we will do another one, so be watching! Below we have some of the clues and photos for you to see, and a video of Santa drawing our winner! 

                            Click for more photos                                                Click to watch video

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