Here's what our customers have to say about Timber Creek Construction.

My primary concerns in hiring a contractor was to find someone who would complete the project on time, in budget, with good craftsmanship, and whom we felt comfortable with being in our home while we were gone.  Mark and Timber Creek Construction easily exceeded all these goals.  My wife and I are very pleased with the communication and quality of work done for us.  We'll hire Timber Creek Construction again.

-Steve and Kathy Strom
Winfield, KS


I have used Mark Eastman and Timber Creek Construction on a number of occasions, both for residential and commercial remodel, and have always been pleased with the quality of workmanship and performance by Mark and his crew. I would highly recommend Timber Creek Construction for your construction needs.

-David Andreas
Andreas Law Offices
Winfield, Kansas


We were in need of another storage shed in our yard so we asked Mark to build one for us. We had a long narrow shed and when we wanted a lawnmower or tiller it was usually in the back of the shed. I would have to move everything to get to things in the back. We asked Mark if he could build one that has overhead doors in the side so I could just open a door and back out mowers or other items. I also wanted a walk in door. Mark did a wonderful job building the shed that was just what we wanted.
I knew it would be made of quality materials and construction because I have known Mark all his live and have seen some of the work he has done. He remodeled our house when we lived in town. We were well pleased what he did for us there.

I highly recommend Mark of Timber Creek Construction.


Arlan and Wilma Anglemyer
Winfield, Kansas


We asked Mark, Timber Creek Construction to do some remodeling for us. We were impressed. He removed some windows and replaced the hole with sheetrock and once he was done you could not tell where the old widows were located.  Along with the job we had them blow in some insulation and put on some steel siding. Mark and his team did a great job.  He was on budget and on time and that was important to us.

- Steve Ruggles
Deacon Chairman
Evangelical Free Church
Winfield, Kansas


My sittin place on the back of our log cabin was lookin as bad as Snuffy Smith’s front porch.  I decided to replace it before it fell down and hurt somebody.  I heard that ole Mark Eastguy got a new hammer and saw and was lookin for a place to use em.  We figgered out a deal where ole Mark could break in his new tools makin me a sittin place.  Ole Mark drug in his Timberline work wagon and set about hammerin and sawin.  Before you could shake a stick, he hammered me up a mighty fine sittin place.  Thank you Mark and Tony.

The deck on the back of our house that overlooks the creek was 25 years old and was unsafe to use.  I had been inquiring of companies that construct decks for 2 years.  I heard that Mark Eastman of Timber Creek Construction was a craftsman that built decks.  After agreeing on a size and type of material to be used, Mark and Tony constructed and excellent structure that is solid, attractive and appears to be durable that will be usable for many years.  The final cost was competitive to or better than any other quote.  Thank you Mark and Tony for your efforts. 

John & Jane Whittington
Douglass, KS


Thank you for doing such a great job on our porch project!
Pat McCutcheon
Winfield, Ks


I've been checking out your website, it is very user friendly. I saw you put a pic of our chimney along with one of your Christmas clues. I just wanted to tell you what an AWESOME job you and Tony and the guys have done on my house. I never worried about trusting you in my home without me being there. I knew when I called you from Doug's hospital room, frantic because we had a termite problem and needed your help and you didn't even hesitate, that you were our future contractor and now a friend. I've seen the sort of Christian man that you are as you were at meetings at your church and still made time to come by my house even though it was late and you had already put a in a long day. I saw you take a week off to go to Joplin and help them rebuild after the tornado this past summer. It's been my pleasure to get to know you better as well as your wife. I wouldn't hesitate a moment to use Timber Creek Construction for future projects.

Sandy Sisson 
Winfield, Ks 


             "Each of us should please our neighbors for their good, to build them up." - Romans 15:2

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