The following are a collection of yard & garden buildings:

Anglemeyer Garden Shed
Anglemeyer Project Summary:

This customer had a couple of garden sheds already in their back yard, but they needed one that had doors on the side rather than on the end so they could get riding mowers, tillers, etc. out without moving everything else. The design of this building allows them that option.  


Webber Garden Shed

Webber Project Summary:

This project was done both as a functional building for storing garden equipment and the potting of plants as well as a decorative building to resemble a rustic cabin for landscaping. The 12' x 16' wood framed structure is built on a 4" thick steel reinforced concrete slab formed and poured by Arthur Contrereas with the concrete purchased from Daniels Rock and Ready Mix. There is a 6' x 16' porch along the east side of the building with a cedar floor. Electrical service was run underground by Finn's Electric to provide electricity to the building. The 4x8 sheets of wood grained James-Hardie fiber cement siding with vertical grooves was installed directly to the studs. Roof construction consists of engineered wood trusses on building and 2x6 rafters on porch, wood stringers over rafters, covered with galvanized, 29 gauge, corrugated Strongbarn tin. Uninsulated 6' x 6'-6" overhead door was supplied and installed in the back of the building by Keith Hostetter. Front entry door was built from 1" rough cedar to resemble a cabin door. Building has two 24" x 36" vinyl single hung windows, one in south end and one on west side, to let in natural light. Most all of the material was purchased at Home Lumber Company in Winfield. Painting of exterior siding was done by the customer. 

     "They will build houses and dwell in them; they will plant vineyards and eat their fruit." - Isaiah 65:21

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