Current & Recent Projects
Some of our current and recent projects include the following:

Strom, Bedroom and Laundry Remodel
Strom Project Summary

Well here we go again. This is the fourth or fifth project (depending on how you count them) that we have done for Steve and Kathy. They are great customers and a real pleasure to work for. This most recent project consisted of remodeling a main floor bedroom and laundry area. It is a continuation of the upstairs bedroom / bathroom remodel that was done in 2009 and a part of the overall remodel plan. The scope of the project was very similar to the previous one in that it consisted of removing the paneling and sheetrock from the walls and sheetrock from the ceiling. We made a few framing changes to create better closet space, enclose ductwork, fix odd sized door openings and straighten walls. As a part of this project as well as a continuation of one of the other previous projects we removed some exterior wood window and door trim and replaced it with new composite trim. There also were four windows that were removed and re-installed differently in the wall which will help them shed rain better. Prior to installing the new sheetrock there was some electrical work done by Rob Solomon of RS Electric which consisted of some additional switches and receptacles as well as relocating and adding some light fixtures. While the wall framing was opened up we had Marc Godfrey of Godfrey’s Plumbing make a few plumbing improvements in the laundry closet as well. New sheetrock was installed to walls and ceiling and a knockdown texture applied. This was done by Johnson Drywall Express from Augusta. The wall and ceiling painting was done by the customer. The new interior doors were paint grade, pressed hardboard, raised paneled doors, installed in oak jambs. The casing, base and window jamb extensions were also oak. The painting of the doors and staining and finishing of the wood work was done by Morgan Painting. The installing of the doors and interior wood trim, making and installing of closet shelves and installation of laminate floor was done by Rod Long of Rod Long Construction. The new carpet and pad in the bedroom was installed by Luis Mendoza of Carpet and Vinyl Floor Service. This turned what was a good bedroom into a great, guest bedroom and sewing room.

Knapp, Misc. Projects
Knapp Project Summary

When we working on the deck and ramp at the ST. Mary’s Catholic Church in Oxford, Marty Knapp stopped by the job site and discussed his need for some work to be done at his home which was also in Oxford. I met with Marty and discussed the details of the work that he was needing which included a new patio door and some new entry door hardware, as well as some structural repairs to the front porch roof where there had been some water damage. The existing patio door was a 6’ wide door with one swinging panel. There were some issues with how the existing door fit as well as some problems with the lever handle entry hardware.

We discussed the different types and qualities of patio doors. He wasn’t sure that they would want a sliding door due to the fact that is what was in the house when they bought it and they had trouble with it too. After we talked about the high quality of Pella patio doors and that a sliding door doesn’t get in the way if left open as well as the ability to have a sliding screen on the door it was decided to go with a sliding door. With some further discussion about the different series of doors as well as some of the options they chose the Pella, Designer Series sliding wood patio door with three panes of glass and Slimshades between the panes. It was ordered with a pre-stained interior wood finish that matched the existing woodwork in the house and a brown aluminum clad exterior which matched the exterior trim color. Also we installed a new brown Pella full view storm door with a sliding rollup screen to the front entry door. This will allow for fresh air ventilation from the front to the back of the house.

It was also decided that they would like to have new entry door hardware installed on the existing front entry door as well as the walk-in entry door of the garage. The current hardware was not working well and had multiple keys for the different entry doors. A keyway matching Pella doors is available with Emtek brand entry door hardware so we could have them all keyed to the same key. We had Bair’s Glass Co. do the rekeying so now all of the entry doors use the same key. Emtek is a high quality hardware that was purchased from Designers Expo.

We did remove some of the existing shingles from the front porch roof and removed some water damaged sheathing and replaced it. We installed new matching shingles and added some new step flashing to prevent the water problem in the future. Also we had Seamless Guttering come and install some new seamless guttering and downspouts to help get the water off of the roof.

This projected came together nicely and will make Marty and Shelia Knapp’s lives safer and more enjoyable.


Citizen's Bank Legacy Building
Citizen's Bank Project Summary

I was asked by the bank to look at this project due to a deteriorating window and siding. After looking at the building and giving the bank a proposal, it was decided that we would replace the pressed hardboard lap siding on both gables and the vertical board batt siding on the east side around the window with fiber-cement siding. The remainder of the building’s exterior is painted concrete block. It was determined that we would replace the triple wood window with a Pella aluminum clad pre-finished wood window. It will have a picture window in the center with two double hung windows on either side. Also we will replace the wood brick molding, exterior trim, with vinyl brick molding. The siding and molding will outlast exposed wood products and are paintable. The exterior of the window has a baked on enamel finish that will last for years as well. The bank will make arraignments to have the painting done once we have completed our part. 

St. Mary's Church
St. Mary's Project Summary

In this project we will construct a new wood deck, approximately 8' X 9' X 21 with full width steps to the west and a 3' wide ramp going to the north. This new deck and ramp will provide easy access to the entry of the church.



Maples Rental Remodel
Maples Project Summary

This project consists of a combination of three separate projects that are being combined into one. The first is the remodeling of the upstairs bathroom. The second is the repair/replacement of the kitchen ceiling. The third is the removal of the walls that had been built to enclose the front porch. The reason for this/these projects, is the bathtub upstairs had been leaking and had ruined the ceiling in the kitchen below and where the front porch had been enclosed, it was leaking as well.

The bathroom remodel consists of removing the existing ceramic tub and replacing it with a new fiberglass tub/shower. Replacing the existing supply and drain piping for the bathroom with new. Repairing and sealing the plaster walls and ceiling, spraying a knock down texture, and painting. Turning the existing built in ceramic shower into a storage closet. Installing new vinyl floor covering. Installing a new exhaust fan in the ceiling, new light fixture above the mirror and moving some switches.

The kitchen ceiling was a 2’x4’ suspended ceiling. It was removed and new 2x6 ceiling joists were installed with sheetrock. The new sheetrock ceiling was mudded, taped and finished smooth. New small crown molding was installed where the new ceiling and walls met.

The front porch portion of the project involved the removal of siding, paneling, sheetrock, windows and framing to open the porch back to its original form. It had been leaking for some time and the room had become unusable. Once the walls were removed it required the installation of some weather stripping and new hardware to the doors that were inside and now will on the front porch. This is going to improve the appearance of the house as well.


Tatum Bedroom Remodel
Tatum Project Summary

In this project, we will be doing all of the demolition, concrete and framing work to turn the attached garage into a master bedroom. We'll remove the existing garage door and build a new wall to close that area in, along with new siding and new Pella windows.  On the interior, we will frame in a new bathroom, closet and laundry room.


Grammon Utility Room Remodel
Grammon Project Summary:

In this project, we will start by removing an existing concrete patio from the east side of the house, enabling us to add new plumbing and connect to existing plumbing. After pouring the necessary footings, we will remove existing framing from the east living room wall and east and south walls of the existing laundry room and remove framing from the west wall of the garden shed. We will construct new walls from the northeast corner of the house connecting the house to the garden shed. A new concrete patio will be constructed, and new sidewalks poured. This project will give the house a lot more living space and improve the flow of the house as well. 


Wilson Windows & Siding
Wilson Project Summary:

In this project we will install eight new prefinished Pella Proline windows, a new Pella prefinished wood grained fiberglass front entry door, and a new Pella Proline sliding patio door.  The existing box window in the dining room will be extended to allow for installation of a larger window and a deeper window seat. We will also remove the existing overhead garage door and install a new one. After removing the old siding, we will install new prefinished fiber cement lap siding and fiber cement shingle siding.  The new wood trim be replaced and wrapped with PVC coated aluminum. Once the siding is in place, the old downspouts will be removed and new ones will be installed.


Groene Renovation
Groene Project Summary:

This project of Timber Creek Construction's is the renovation of a Caton home. Bill Caton, an architect who was well known in Winfield, designed and constructed this house in 1927 for his sister Julia and her husband as their "Honeymoon Cottage". The couple entitled their dwelling "Chanticleer" because they owned Chanticleer chickens. The scope of this project is going to be a complete renovation and restoration of the existing house as well as the removal of the south wing, to be replaced with a new one. 


Tisdale United Methodist Church Gymnasium
Tisdale UMC Project Summary:

This on going project is the demolition of an existing round top building and construction of a new Whirlwind steel building. Timber Creek Construction is doing some of the construction and managing the construction of the overall project, which includes coordinating supplies and material and oversight of hired subcontractors as well as volunteers from the church. Some of the original concrete remains and some was removed by Lawrence Trucking and Ray's Backhoe to allow for new foundation. All new concrete was formed and poured by Arthur Contreas and supplied by Daniel's Ready Mix. The building includes Simple Saver R-40 insulation in the ceiling and R-25 insulation in the walls supplied byThermal Design out of Madison, Nebraska. The building was erected and insulated by Sharp Construction of Valley Center, Kansas. Windows are insulated Pella, Impervia fiberglass windows installed by Timber Creek Construction. Exterior aluminum walk-in doors were supplied and installed by Bair's Glass Co. of Winfield. Morgan Painting from Arkansas City, Kansas painted interior exposed red primed steel frame of building white. Plumbing is being done by Winfield Plumbing & Heating and electrical wiring is being done by Finn's Electric. Misc. hauling of dirt, gravel, building material has been provided by Merle Archer of Archer Trucking, Winfield.


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